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What is Page Lizard?

On the face of it, Page Lizard is an online digital publishing platform and we also provide a full service alternative. It helps you turn your print publication into beautiful, interactive digital editions. This applies across desktop, mobile and tablet devices. But Page Lizard is also so much more. We are real people and understand you have real love for the publication you are choosing to take to the next step.

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What Can Digital Publishing at Page Lizard Do For You?

 Over the years we have helped a whole truck load of different publishers with a stack of objectives to achieve their goals. As such, we know that each publication is unique and we strive to make you feel that way too. We are all about one to one service! So don’t forget we are unique too. The truth is, we understand that as a customer you need to know that behind every computer there is a friendly face. You can meet some of our digital publishing team to put your mind at ease. Each member of the Page Lizard family is dedicated to friendly and efficient service. Your needs come first!

We  have so much knowledge and experience just bursting to get out of our brains! As a result, we can give you a tailored and personal service that meets your every needs. We want to bring you and your publication into the world of digital publishing feet first! So if you are unsure about turning your print into a digital publication then you can explore what we do to turn your publication digital and what you get once the digital publishing process is complete

Page Lizard are great service providers. Friendly, flexible, quick to change and adapt, and good at listening and answering to their clients’ needs.


Bibiana Campos-Seijo | Chemistry World

The team Page Lizard are very helpful, open, flexible and pragmatic. No nasty surprises with costs. They understood our needs. All in all they have made a potentially complex process surprisingly straight forward. 

Gary Allman | Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals (CILIP)


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Want to know more?

We know digital publishing can be confusing. That’s why instead of telling you what to do, we are here to provide honest recommendations and solutions. Talk to a human for some further understanding about what the best choices for you and your publication are.

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