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Creating your own branded app is easy

The framework is already built. We already have:

  • The empty app structure for IOS and Android
  • The content management system connected to the app
  • The analytical and insight tools all set-up
  • And a suite of user message and interaction tools ready to go

Now we are ready for your designs

Your branding and design take centre stage.

From the home screen icon and splash-screens down to the layouts and fonts, everything the user sees is totally yours.

Page Lizard mobile apps are 100% white-labelled.  There is no compromise on achieving the unique look and feel that you want

And the important ingredients for you

Content is at the heart of all our apps.

Words, pictures, video and animation. Anything which tells a story, delivers an experience or a message.

But that doesn’t mean you are limited in the functions your app contains. We can add bespoke features which are important for you.


Which delivers amazing results

Apps are a very personal experience.

You want your customer to have a great impression, so it’s important to get it right.

A well-designed app will deliver deeper levels of engagement and interaction than other media.

Which will provide powerful insights into your audience.

Core app functions

Search embedded

Push notifications

Offline reading

Analytics included

Create lists / bookmark

Multi-platform access

Login options


Year-round servicing

Technology is the campfire around which we tell our stories.

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