Custom app solution

The progressive solution to solve your publishing problem

Your fully branded app

Distribute content to your readers in a way that best suits them – straight to their mobile device! An app is an efficient and affordable way to keep your readers happy, engaged, and coming back for more.

Every app is uniquely configured and branded – they are quick and easy to set-up because all the framework elements are built. There is also the option to include bespoke functions and widgets to add that exclusive feature.

If this sounds slightly confusing to you, contact us! We would love to chat and break it down.

Why do I need an app?
  • An app is mobile which allows your readers to have easy access to your content wherever they are, and on whatever device they have available.
  • All valuable user data and reading habits feed back into your CRM or preferred analytics package. This allows you to dip into your reader’s habits and preferences to produce better quality and more relative content.
  • Apps are powerful communication tools. We can hook them up to a push-notification platform which can deliver segmented or behavioural messaging.
  • We can connect the app login box to your user database or CRM. You also have the option of serving a mixture of free and restricted content.
  • Finally, if you have or want to incorporate a special function that will get your audience wedded to the app just let us know. Many third party services like social media and events have SDKs that let us connect the apps to them.
What do you need from me?

Getting your content into the app is easy as pie, and requires very little effort from you.

We can grab your content from:

  • Print PDF – for a service fee we will slice and dice your PDFs and turn the content into responsive HTML
  • Website – we can pull the content in as RSS or any other web format
  • Your content management system – or we can hook into your CMS and pull the content directly from there

Here’s the important stuff we bring to the party.

  • An online content management service – you can upload content into our CMS, style it, design it, edit it and schedule it for publishing. This is perfect if you have content which is not already in an existing CMS – for instance, if it’s created for print and then needs putting into digital format
  • A content distribution service – our cloud CDN caches and optimizes content to give the user the smallest, fastest and most reliable download

Better reader engagement for you, with zero added stress

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