Focus app helps promote Britain’s business with China

The China-Britain Business Council is the leading British organisation promoting trade and investment between the UK and China. It works closely with the UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) to help any British company to do business in China.

img_0085Focus Magazine is the council’s flagship publication, highlighting key trends, themes and stories in the China-Britain business space. To modernise it’s distribution to members the Council asked Page Lizard to create a mobile-friendly version for distribution through iOS and Android apps and a browser-based webviewer.

During the design process it was decided that the best way to display the content was not within issues, like the print magazine, but according to the sections it follows: features, news, events etc.

This allows the app stories to build and be relevant to all readers. The home-page template of the app displays the lead story from each section. Each section also has its own template page.

The webviewer reads exactly the same content as the app and needs no additional styling or production. Both benefit from the highly visual display – making the best use of strong images and colours to draw readers in.


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