CILIP Update

An evolving app with an enhanced communications strategy

CILIP Update is a monthly magazine from The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals, the leading professional body for librarians and information specialists in the UK.

Page Lizard has converted CILIP Update into a mobile-responsive edition, that is published through our web viewer, and via iOS and Android apps.

The transformation from print to digital with CILIP Update has been rewarding. Page Lizard has evolved the publication, from a simple print edition to personalised and engaging digital editions.

In two years it has developed into a personalised app allowing members to control what content they see by using the changeable feeds for stories.

Each regional body can now upload its own journals within a dedicated section of the app.

CILIP is applying its new and advanced tools developed from its digital formats to help interact with non-members by making some content open-access.

For membership organisations wanting to digitally revolutionise their content, CILIP leads by example:  start with simple steps and evolve.

I have found Page Lizard to be very helpful, open, flexible and pragmatic. No nasty surprises with costs. They understood our needs. All in all they have made a potentially complex process surprisingly straight forward.

Gary Allman

Head of Publications, CILIP

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