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Mobile responsive webviewer

As a step up from a digital PDF – webviewers are beautifully responsive and interactive. Give your readers an immersive reading experience by allowing them to scroll through pages and swipe right and left.

Webviewers are an effective solution for content owners who want to have mobile-responsive content that adapts to fit the size of your devices’ screen. An ideal companion to an app, webviewers are easy to drive traffic to.

Either used as a stand-alone if you have one brand or publication or housed within our custom-branded portals where you can have several issues or a library – a webviewer is a simple and effective digital publishing solution.

How can a webviewer work for me?

Webviewers deliver your content to your mobile-based audience – on browser, tablet and mobile. Your content can be customised and archived to effectively reflect your brand.

We can gather the same level of data and analytics from webviewers as from apps and we feed it back into your CRM or preferred analytics package.

You will see some different patterns of behaviour:

  • Webviewers provide instant gratification – so they normally have more users than apps
  • The users will stay for a few minutes (typically five to seven) and read a few stories (up to 15)
  • Readers are much more engaged than on a website, but they typically don’t spend as long or read as much as those with the equivalent content on an app
What do you need from me?

Like apps, webviewers use mobile-responsive HTML. This means that the content can come from the same sources:

  • Print PDF – for a service fee we will slice and dice your PDFs and turn the content into responsive HTML
  • Website – we can pull the content in as RSS or any other web format
  • Your content management system – we can hook into your CMS and pull the content directly from there

And we bring all the same, important, back-end stuff to the party:

  • An online content management service – you can upload content into our CMS and style it, design it, edit it and schedule it for publishing. This is perfect if you have content which is not already in an existing CMS – for instance, if it’s created for print and then needs putting into digital format
  • A content distribution service – our cloud CDN caches and optimizes content to give the user the smallest, fastest and most reliable download
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