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Working with you to create the best app, web apps and digital editions

The Page Lizard Promise

Pay only for deployment, not development.

Supported & maintained year-round.

Supported by our team every step of the way team.

What we do

We’ve been working with membership, media companies, and businesses since 2005 with the simple aim of helping them make digital content as successful and engaging as print once was.

We create technology, including apps, to help deliver the content and offer a range of agency services such as design, production and project management to support our clients.

What we build

  • Apps – Native iOS and Android apps to deliver content and communications, plus all the functionality that you want to add around that
  • Web apps – same as native apps really, but running in a browser. Many clients publish to both simultaneously and we have a create-once, distribute everywhere platform
  • Workflow and security systems – every new deployment relies upon integrating a good workflow system to get your content in and good authentication and security systems to manage access for your members and subscribers

Who we work with

We work with anyone who wants to transform their content and how their audience engages with it.

What all our clients have in common is specialist content + a defined audience, often global + the need to control access to that content

How we support you

We pride ourselves on our support and services. We don’t just build you a product and hand over the keys and hope it works for you. Our key services are:

  • Design – even if you have your in-house team we will help you get the best UX
  • Project Management – every deployment has a dedicated PM to work on your behalf
  • Production – we will do the set-up, then can train you to take-over or continue on a production contract
  • Support and maintenance – all apps come with a support contract which includes keeping them up-to-date with iOS and Android platform changes
  • Hosting and network maintenance – we will also support all network integrations into the apps, including subscriber authentication

“The Page Lizard team did a brilliant job of turning an idea into an intuitive app experience, integrating bespoke functionality atop our content to create a popular new product. The team delivered the product on time and to scope, actually exceeding our expectations by suggesting different, and better, ways to improve user experience.”

Royal Pharmaceutical Society

Download the RPS MyCPD Android and iOS app here


“Page Lizard constantly delivered on their promise to listen to us, be on hand whenever we needed, react quickly to our feedback and help make the process painless at all times. Simple and gorgeous. We have the most fantastic product as a result.”



“I have found Page Lizard to be very helpful, open, flexible and pragmatic. No nasty surprises with costs. They understood our needs. All in all they have made a potentially complex process surprisingly straight forward.”


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