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Built for The Royal Aeronautical Society

Watch the video below for an overview of the AEROPORT app

The Royal Aeronautical Society in recent years has had a large increase in its young membership, particularly students and apprentices.

Whilst the The Royal Aeronautical Society is proud of all it has to offer young members, they still found it challenging to generate the engagement and involvement of young members’ they hoped for.

The solution? An app dedicated to students and young members, with bespoke functions and kept up to date with new content on a weekly basis, ensuring it is relevant, useful and engaging.

Use in-app registration forms to make signing-up simple

The app is free to download on Android and iOS, however, to keep it as a member benefit only members can access content. New student members can apply for membership directly through the app itself.

The in-app registration will replace the paper forms when the membership team visit universities. Making applying easy and direct – and saving time for all parties.

Publish student-specific content directly to young members

All of the latest articles and information on careers, events, knowledge and development are fed into the app in real-time. The RAES staff can add new articles, or update existing ones, at the press of a button.

The is also rich in premium content, including the flagship AEROSPACE magazine, which is converted into a fully mobile-responsive version and Career FlightPath magazine.

Use the sidebar for quick navigation

The sidebar not only reinforces The Royal Aeronautical Society‘s strong branding but provides simple navigation, which is essential for a successful app. The sidebar allows users to get to an article within the app with just one swipe and one click.

It also offers quick links to other helps tools such as help, search and settings.


Add responsive designs for a great mobile reading experience

Publishing the app content in a mobile-responsive way ensures the readers get the best possible reading experience on any device. It also allows The Royal Aeronautical Society to give the content styling a student-specific revamp in the app, helping them reach their target audience in the best way.

Whether you have in-house designs or want to use ours, we’ll work together to make the best reading experience for your members.

Use our statistics dashboard to monitor app activity

Being able to track user-activity in the app was a key part of this project. Together, with The Royal Aeronautical Society, we came up with an analytics dashboard that allows them to track user activity and identify those users who are likely to become full members at the end of their studies.

Utilise these tools to track user engagement and target member communications

One of the key features of the app is the ability to use push notifications and in-app messages to communicate directly with students. Notifications enable the team to highlight important content including information on scholarships, events and volunteer opportunities.

In-app communications are direct and effective and can work in conjunction with the increasingly less-effective reliance on email.

“The feedback from our young members so far has been incredible. The aim of the initiative was to bring all the good work that the Society does, particularly in terms of available resources and engagement opportunities directly to young member fingertips. We feel we have achieved that.”

Pearl Mensah – Director of Membership and Professional Standards, RAeS

Download the Android and iOS app here

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