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Summer is here and Page Lizard is emerging to bask in the sun and talk about all of the exciting innovations we have been working on with membership organisations.

After the success of our Summer Party on the Terrace we’ll be hosting another event for publishers soon which you can register your interest in using the form.

We will also be hosting a membership organisation round-table lunch to learn how other organisations are securing members with their mobile content.

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Facebook revenue boosts thanks to mobile advertising

Facebook’s shares are now at its highest level ever, up 71% from last year, due to a hike in mobile advertising sales on the platform. Compared to last year mobile ad revenue on Facebook has increased 3 per cent over the last year, to make up 87 per cent of the total...

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How to use content to attract, recruit and retain members

Workshop with the RSC followed by drinks and networking It is difficult to over-state the value of the lessons that can be learned by any membership organisation with good content from the Royal Society of Chemistry's journey with Chemistry World. Let's put it simply,...

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Crossing the bridge to online publishing

Nearly 30 years after it was first printed, The Independent plunged deep into the realm of online publishing. Editor Christian Broughton stands firmly by the motto for online publishing that says: "I've seen a news brand that I love dearly find a great future" This...

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A study of reader engagement

Success in publishing is largely due to reader engagement and their response to content. How are organisations influencing news consumption? Reader engagement has sparked off NewsThings. A project started by the University of Central Lancashire in collaboration with...

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China sets the digital trend

"China is a good indicator for digital trends to come in West because of the different user behaviour and advanced mobile platform environment." - Fabian von Heimburg When the rest of the world was taking the steps towards mobile optimisation, China was setting the...

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The FT – an example of quality journalism

Let's consider FT's quality value based on truth, transparency, and trust... The MediaBriefing recently wrote an article discussing the Financial Times' approach to quality for their sustainable future. Their focus points surround the 'triple t threat' - truth,...

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