Improve engagement

We have wide experience in the membership sector with more than a dozen clients using our native and web app solutions to deliver content, communications and CPD.

We help organisations build engagement through innovative tools for members.

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Content and communication apps

We enable membership organisation to create apps which drive engagement through content and communications.

If you can provide great content with some key functional tools which members need, you will have a winning formula.


CPD and learning

Three years ago the Royal Pharmaceutical Society asked us to build a CPD app for them. 

It is a great example of 'active content' which members can read, but also make use of. Apps with bookmarks, notes and sharing tools are also popular.

Many organisations generate a lot of content and we think that apps can be a great way to take that to the next level.



App Discovery Workshops

Finding how an app can benefit members is a process for which we have a brilliant solution. In five steps we can go from a question - would we benefit from an app? - to a finished prototype design which has been tested on real members.  

Talk to us about our App Discovery Workshops - the most cost-effective way to determine if an app can benefit your organisation.