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We were recently at MemberWise Membership Excellence 2018 event where we showcased our latest work.

Find out what we’ve been working on recently here.

Maximise your content

Content is at the heart of most professional networks. Communications, engagement articles, best practice, technical documentation, learning and development – we cover all types of content. Including video, audio and animation.

Maximise your engagement

A great deal of the content generated in the working environment is lost. It’s spread around websites, or lost in archived PDF pages or print.

We enable you to channel all of your content into a digital reading experience. Finding what you want is easy. Anything you read is automatically downloaded and stored to your phone or tablet. Its searchable, shareable.

Documents your members struggled to find are available at their finger-tips, always in their pocket. Whether in meetings, on-site, you will never be caught out.

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Maximise your visibility

Once your members are using their app you have a whole new way of communicating with them Рinstantly. From push notifications to segmented in-app messaging, there is a sophisticated array of tools available. You can also get deep insights into the activity of your members and advanced analytics allows you to understand  exactly who is engaging with what products. It brings membership engagement into a whole new territory.

Our membership stories

Below are just some of the functions we’ve created alongside membership organisations. To find out more, please take a look at our membership showcase.

Recruiting young members & students

Apps for attracting, engaging and retaining young member

Data and analytics

Monitor your members interactions with your content

Registration wall

Functionality that helps attract new members

Sharing and lists

Share content and create lists in apps

Content from a RSS feed

No need for PDF, your content can be synced from your website


Your PDF publications can turn into responsive editions

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