Media Experience App.

All of your content, in one app

1. Designed exactly for you

Everything the user sees is designed exclusively for your content and brand. All icons, screens, templates and styles are unique and individual. MX shapes itself to your requirements.

2. With the functions you need

The user experience is designed exclusively for you. Choose from a rich list of functions, like search, share, bookmark, note, create collections, export. If we have not already built a function you want we will create it for you.

3. Built on a rock-solid platform

MX apps can be rapid and cost-effective to deploy because the assembly framework is already built. Each app attaches onto this our tried and tested components if your choice – and finishes it off with your unique designs.

For great value

With MX you get a totally bespoke app at the cost of an off-the-shelf app. You get all the flexibility and creativity you require, with no restrictions.

Engage your network

Once you integrate MX apps they will provide you with a rich stream of data.

In addition to all of the normal analytics we can record custom events and user-specific data to enable you to build up complete picture of your audience.

The data flows both ways, so you can use in-app messaging, success screens, push notifications and other tools to engage your network.

Security guaranteed

MX apps are built to connect to your customer management system to allow existing members and subscribers to access content. We can also connect to third party systems on your behalf, like a fulfilment bureau or academic network.

The MX mobile platform comes with a number of standard APIs which enables us to connect the apps easily. We can also add custom rules which allow you to choose which segments of your audience receive which content.

We will ensure your apps are securely connected with the latest encryption and security technologies to ensure that your content, and your audience, are secure.

A smooth workflow

We have left the best bit til’ nearly last, because your content is what excites us. We love to recreate our clients’ content in beautiful digital styles wrapped in amazing apps.

We recommend you make all your content responsive – and, if it is not already digital, we can convert it for you from a print workflow. If it is in digital format we can hook into your content management system or take it from a feed.

We offer a workflow to suit every need. That can be full-service where you send us your print-ready PDFs and we deconstruct them, style and publish to the apps on your deadlines. To fully-automated where everything is synched from your systems.

On time, on budget

We deliver on-time and on-budget. Two phrases you rarely hear with technology projects.

To achieve that we only work on two bespoke projects at any one time and only take on builds which we know we can deliver.

Share your ideas now – we always have more prospects in the pipeline than we can take on, but we will choose those which are most similar to projects we have recently delivered where we know we can add immediate value.

"I have an idea…"

A great invention always starts with “I have an idea”. Tell us your idea now. Don’t wait until you know everything about your project.
A) That day never comes
B) If you know everything at least half of it will already be out-of-date

We will work with you to turn your ideas into a scope. We will guide you as to what works best, and complete a technical scope with you, together with a project time-line and a budget.

The faster we can turn your idea into a project plan the faster we can add it to our development schedule. Once underway the build and delivery should be fast. It’s the thinking before the project starts that takes the time.

Evolve and improve

We provide a managed service, which means that once launched we will support your app and its integrations 24×7.

This includes updating the app with necessary iOS and Android platform changes, hosting and maintaining all of the content and services which power and connect it. This means we will always be in touch to offer you upgrades and new features that come with the platform, as well as rolling out new features and enhancements you want to add.

Core app functions

Search embedded

Push notifications

Offline reading

Advanced analytics

Create lists / bookmark

Multi-platform access

Login options


Year-round servicing

Ready to take control?

All it takes is one conversation!

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