Living in a connected world is great, but sometimes we wonder if our digital addiction has gone too far…

You’ll know you’re a digital addict if you can relate to these 10 things:

1. Your hands are starting to resemble those of an 80’s arcade-obsessed child’s.

digital addict

2. Your constant dilated pupils make you look like you’ve been doing something you shouldn’t have been.

digital publishing

3. You dream in pixels.

digital addict

(To be fair, that’s pretty cool…)

4. Screw the dog, your phone gets pride of place next to you in bed.

digital addict

5. Sometimes you get so wrapped up in tech you forget to eat for hours…

digital addict

6. …and more often than you’d like to admit sometimes you forget to pee too.

digital addict

7. You have at least 2 electronic devices within arms reach of you right now.


8. You’ve dedicated A LOT time to typing the alphabet on your keyboard over and over, each time trying to beat your previous record.


9. You subconsciously reach for your phone first thing in the morning.

digital addict

10. You’re reading this… get some fresh air!!

Tablet pc showing magazine on screen with a cup of coffee on a d

Not really…we like you visiting!

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