Wearable sharing/devices

Say goodbye to your tablet! Even though the new Apple Watch is horrific, they are moving in the right direction (no surprise there). Our content should be the most important part of our marketing and this move will allow this to actually happen.


Oculus glasses

Imagine being able to come home from work and be able to join all your Facebook friends at Wembley for the England match, without leaving your sofa. This is what technology like Oculus glasses will allow you to do. Social media will go beyond our current devices: anything new that is created will have to integrate social media and our online lives. The whole ethos of social media is that it connects people and enables you to share information, whatever that may be. Oculus glasses will be a huge part of being able to share and connect without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Who is ready to set up the first ever virtual holidays site? Anyone?



At some point in the not so distant future, we probably won’t even call social media, social media. It will be so integrated into everyday life that we will just accept its presence like we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s a given.


Mobile FTW

Everything is going mobile. People need to be able to read, watch and interact as easily and efficiently as possible while on the move. Why else would Apple bring out the obnoxiously large (and very Samsung-like) iphone 6+? This is not to say that my previous point about wearable devices and sharing doesn’t stand – we are talking near future with mobile devices and long-term wearable technology.


Pay for play

In the near future, marketers will probably breathe a heavy sigh of relief as social media managers all over the globe start to panic. Soon, you will have to pay to bring in business from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The big social networks aren’t going to miss a chance to make a buck or two out of companies using their platforms to pick up clients. So yes, it will be a slow process (one that is already happening) but it is inevitable. It’s a fact most traditional marketers will be pleased to hear.


The brightest will shine

As the internet becomes a more crowded place (think the M25 on Friday evening), it will become harder to stand out from the crowd if you are ‘just average’ on social media. So it’s important to remember that your social media strategy is a long term game. If your company plans on being around in the next 10-20 years, then you should be working hard at your social media plan right now.


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