Think back to 1994 (if you were born) and it might be a little hazy. It was after all 20 years ago. Things have changed a lot since then and we’re not surprised. Technology has become more than we could have ever imagined. Apple has exceeded itself and Microsoft, well, it’s still there somehow. Our TV’s are less that an inch thick and we play angry birds on our phones. There are a whole ton of things you could have said to little old me back then that I wouldn’t have been able to make sense of. Here are the top 10 phrases that 20 years ago, no one would have understood:

1. ‘Oh yes, I read it last night on my iPad’

So firstly, people in 1994 would have been wondering what the heck an iPad was? Then once they got their heads around the fact you could carry this thing that looked like a giant smart phone (you might struggle explaining what a smartphone is too) with you anywhere. You’d have to then explain that we can all to read magazines on it. Mind blown.

2.’Awesome! I can’t believe she liked my photo’

Liked your photo? What? Someone literally said to you, ‘I like your photo’. Well how very lovely of them.

Unfortunately, things aren’t quite as basic as that anymore. We can all logon to Facebook and click like on any of our friends photos. Aren’t we lucky… Or just extremely vain? Invasive? Detached…?

3. ‘My alarm didn’t go off because my phone battery died’

Remember that little old thing called an alarm clock? It used to wake you up every morning without fail. Who would have thought that the majority of people in 2014 would be woken up by their phones… Certainly not the people of 1994 who were still enjoying the simple pleasures of a Nokia 232.

4. ‘I carry around something in my pocket that has all the information in the world stored on it’

So in 1994 just sending a SMS was incredible. I don’t think any of us would have guessed that we would have the world in our pocket by 2014. At the tap of a screen we can access HTML driven apps that feed content to us.

5. ‘I watched that last night on YouTube’

I’m about to blow your mind even further. YouTube was founded in 2005. I know right, less than 10 years ago. So the people of 2004 would have no idea how much of their lives they were going to waste browsing for videos of animals doing stupid things. They also wouldn’t have a clue that it was about to inspire a generation of marketers to become video gurus.

6. ‘Why would anyone buy shares in Kodak’

Kodak is dead. Unless you are a hipster then it’s probably still alive and you will think it’s very cool to get photos developed ‘like they did in 1994’.

7. ‘Let’s google it’

Firstly the people of 1994 would find the name google hilarious. Secondly, they had no idea what a search engine was, because it didn’t exist. Now we all use google to find exactly what we are looking for. It doesn’t matter if we are using desktop, mobile or tablet.

8. ‘How about I share what doing with my social networks’

The idea of sharing what you are doing with other people via social networks and the internet would have been totally alien to people 20 years ago. Now we share what we do, how long we do it for, why we are doing it. Platforms like Instagram have given life to sharers. They take pictures of the magazines they are reading, the food they are eating and the places they are going. It can all get a bit much for those of us who actually have lives… Phew.

9. ‘Sure, I watched it last night via live stream’

So we can now watch live events as they are happening through websites from across the globe. I mean, why go to the concert when you can watch it live on YouTube?! We can also include things like Skype under this section. Live chat has been incredible for businesses who want to work with people from other cities or ever countries. The possibilities are endless when it comes to video streaming.

10. ‘Leonardo DiCaprio still hasn’t won an Oscar’

Totally irrelevant to technology I know, but how has this man not won an Oscar yet? Even Eminem has won an Oscar. He made one movie. Leonardo DiCaprio has made over 30. Poor Leo.

Can you think of a phrase that no one would have understood 20 years ago? Comment below and connect with me on LinkedIn to share thoughts.


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