We round up the top 4 podcasts you simply can’t miss if you’re a Digital Publishing fan.

Try searching for Digital Publishing podcasts in Google, and all you’ll find is a weak selection of flopped channels that haven’t posted content in over a year. But in our world where digital media is so liquidated and transferable, it’s important to take inspiration from every avenue possible.

Anyone working in or with digital publishing should be keeping a keen eye on other digital industries and conversations about digital culture in general; sometimes you need to expand your horizons to suss out the next big trend or to get an insight into the mind of digital consumers.

So whether you’re a publisher, a digital production company or a writer using digital platforms, you should be listening to these 4 podcasts.



1. Digital Human

by BBC Radio 4


Hosted by Aleks Krotoski, Digital Human is published under the ‘Science & Medicine’ category in iTunes. Not necessarily a topic you would naturally navigate to when looking for podcasts on digital publishing. However this story-based podcast, set to a relaxing guitar soundtrack often discusses themes that can be applied to how digital audiences think and interact with technology and media.

Episodes we recommend:
Quantize – How human beings can cope with a world saturated by data?
Detox – Could we all do with a detox from our digital devices?



2. Digital Culture talk

by the National Library of Australia


A podcast from down-under, The National Library of Australia’s Information Technology Division host a series of lectures on topics concerning digital culture and publishing. The guests are usually highly-regarded scholars, journalists and digital media specialists. This is a podcast for those who love academic discussions and debates.

Episodes we recommend:
Fresh angles in online news
Where the book went next



3. Tech weekly

by The Guardian


Guardian’s weekly dose of Tech is a 30 minute discussion on topical questions with industry experts and one of the many podcast hosts. The questions asked are usually timeless so it’s a great podcast to binge-listen too on a long commute or dig around and search for legacy episodes. 

Episodes we recommend:
The future of Bitcoin
How to survive in a digital economy where everything is free
The app generation – good or bad?



4. All tech considered

by NPR


From America’s National Public Radio comes podcast All Tech Considered. It might not be one you want to listen to every week, given its broad topic nature and focus. But their helpful website lets you filter issues by category, we opted for ‘Apps’ and got an abundance of interesting episodes to choose from.

Episodes we recommend:
With Ad Blocking Use On The Rise, What Happens To Online Publishers?
How Apple Hopes To Take A Bite Out Of The News Business
A Quick History Of Accidental Online Purchases By Kids
 (Just one for fun)


Think we’ve missed a digital publishing podcast off the list? Tweet us or post a comment below to let us know what you think we should be listening to.

Top image ©Philippe Put (CC BY 2.0)

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