The next generation of mobile app publishing  has been announced, but is it enough to persuade companies to make the digital jump? 

This year’s Digital Innovators Summit in Berlin saw the announcement  that Adobe will be releasing their newest publishing platform, Adobe Publish.

Building on the well-established foundations of the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS), Adobe Publish are spear-heading the charge for the next generation of mobile app publishing. It will allow users to make mobile apps for phones and tablets without requiring development and to produce and distribute great content in simple, cost effective and modern way.

So, what is Adobe Publish? There are three main tenets of the product:

  • Apps on all major mobile platforms for phones and tablets without requiring any development skills. The experience of those apps should be immersive and elegant and bring audiences directly into content that is well organized and inherently feels like what a mobile experience should be.
  • Adobe Publish customers can create, organize and deliver content in a way that is extremely flexible, simple and cost-effective.
  • Enterprise-grade administration tools that are flexible enough to allow any enterprise, media company or university to organize all of the people who are involved in producing these experiences in a way that makes sense. Designers, writers, marketers, producers, data analysts or outside agencies will get the flexible workflows they need to deliver amazing content into Adobe Publish apps.

Will more companies go digital?

If you’re on the fence about going digital, or have yet to see the appeal, Adobe Publish is certainly worth a good long look.

There are a myriad of benefits it will offer businesses:

Firstly, a more accessible platform makes it much more straightforward to design a fantastic mobile experience for readers. Fresh, exciting content that is presented in a fantastic way is key to ensuring regular reader engagement.

Secondly, input from a mix of departments (e.g. Design and Marketing) can be readily and easily incorporated into the final product, which is essential in an age where app users want a beautiful and immersive experience, but also content delivered regularly and continuously in a way that feels like it was specially crafted for their mobile device.

Thirdly, for current Adobe Publishing Suite customers Adobe Publish will be included with their existing license and new customers will have access to both.- so whether you are upgrading or starting from scratch it’s a win-win situation.

Finally, for users of the app, comprehensive navigation and social sharing pages with options such as Evernote will allow for easier navigation and should help increase the apps exposure to new users.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Adobe Publish is the new secret weapon in the publisher arsenal, giving you the power to tick all your user’s boxes and deliver the ultimate experience. After all, if you can’t prompt them to take their phone out of their pocket and launch the app, you’re doomed to a world of lint.


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