Reptile: A new alternative to create digital and responsive content

Reptile, by Page Lizard, is a new affordable and innovative alternative in digital publishing for publishers that find it hard to keep up with competitors while keeping costs down.

The website, launching next month, demonstrates the offerings of two various solutions to transform your publications into beautiful and interactive editions.

Publishers will now be able to see their editions on mobile format in HTML or page-replica format that is tailor to your publication.

The page-replica, or Digital PDF option, allows the publication to remain exactly how it is in print and ensures that all the branding is the same. Reptile can give PDFs a boost by adding interactive elements such as embedded links within the content, which will enhance the readers’ experience, as well as Google analytics to know your audiences better.

For publishers that have a more open approach, Reptile can provide the Responsive Content option. Publishers are able to work outside the lines of a print replica and control their content with this solution. Reptile has a variety of templates on offer to choose from. Publications can be enhanced digitally with this efficient and quick turnaround solution.

Reptile are on hand to evolve your publication in digital publishing with a mission to solve your needs in an efficient, affordable and easy way.

Proudly associated with Page Lizard, see Reptile’s website for more information.


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