Apple has gone back on its word, after promising us the revolutionary Apple Watch last September.

Yes, revolutionary.

Despite plenty of other people having already created smartwatches, the hype surrounding the Apple Watch has refused to die down. This magical watch will lime keep (duh!), monitor health and fitness, allow us to watch movies and more. Brilliant; because I don’t have a phone that already does that! If we sidelined the “we don’t want to part with £500 for something we already have” reason to one side, we might be tempted to buy it. Thanks Apple!

Moving swiftly on, it seems that the Apple Watch won’t be released with the same features as it promised us nearly six months back. Why? In order for it to track our health and fitness, the Apple Watch uses tiny sensors and these have failed to meet Apple standards. Apparently, arm hair and the tightness you would have to wear the watch at are two of the main issues. Not to mention that certain regulatory authorities have opposed the watch monitoring blood pressure and stress.

This recent (and tragic) news seems to have played into the hands of LG as they unveiled their ‘luxury’ smartwatch this week. It is being sold to consumers as a fashion accessory (at least they are honest!) which is a softer approach than the one Apple has chosen to take. The all-metal timepiece is trying to broaden the appeal of it’s wearable tech with it’s 1.3 inch touchscreen display. It runs on Google’s Android, and it comes in gold and silver with a leather wrist strap! Prices have yet to be confirmed, but we like that LG are going head to head with Apple on this one, especially as Apple continue to lack the innovative flair they once had.

With the above in mind I still can’t help but notice the biggest flaw with Apple and similar companies in general. Firstly, we have to buy tablets that do the same job as our phones, just with a bigger screens and an inability to call anyone. Now we have to buy watches that do the same as our phones but on a smaller screen…

Hmmm… Anyone else getting a little suspicious that we’re all just buying the same thing in different shapes?

For now, we continue to wait for a genuinely innovative watch that we really do need, and won’t just flock to buy because it is stamped with the Apple logo.


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