What do we know about Apple News so far, and what does it mean for publishers?

Apple News is pitched to be the replacement for Newsstand and opens up a new channel for publishers to market their content. From what we have so far seen in the launch preview video, the power lies in the engine which drives articles to the app from participating publishers.

It looks as though big publishing brands will be able to promote themselves through the publishing channels, whilst specialist publication content will surface through the personalised topics each user will select; anything from cooking and fashion to football. The recommendation engine will also help drive more content.

apple newsThe key to success for publishers appears to hinge on how well all this works. It is easy enough for big brands to have their hero content highlighted, and they could get that sort of exposure through Newsstand anyway. The question is how the small, niche and specialist publishers – anyone is not Time, Hearst or Condé Naste – will fare and whether they will got as lost in Apple News as they did in Newsstand.

To discuss this, and more, Page Lizard will be be hosting a lunchtime Tech Talk at the PPA offices in London on Wednesday July 1.

We’ll cover what Apple has specified for publishers; from sharing ad revenue to custom fonts, branding and styling. These plans will be compared to known facts about similar schemes from Facebook, and Flipbook’s recent upgrades.

We have also drawn together some issues that publishers need to consider. The decoupling of content and subsequent loss of control is one of the biggest concerns, but there is also a potential storm brewing over ‘opt-out’ Terms and Conditions, as well as controversy over human selection of newsworthy stories.

The session will give publishers the opportunity to discuss and share information about what these changes could mean for the industry. Clarifying the core issues will arm us with the knowledge we need to keep moving forward.

Click here to register for this free session from the PPA.

Notes and research from the talk will be available on the site shortly afterwards, so please get in touch if you are unable to attend but would still like the information.


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