The dreaded social media backlash! What do you do if your customers turn from brand ambassadors into brand destroyers?

Here at Page Lizard, we haven’t experienced negative Facebook comments (praise the Lizard!) but we have seen it happening all over the web.


walmartThere seem to be a large group of people who are anti-Walmart. The super-sized, super-cheap American based supermarket seem to be a static target for insults. For a long time they decided to stay quiet when it came to negative feedback and adopted the theory that ‘no response is the best response’.

As the brand has matured, so has its online tactics. Today Walmart takes the time to respond to all customer feedback, be it negative or positive. Why not have a chance to defend yourself? Why not offer an unsatisfied customer a solution? 

Don’t sweep it under the rug

If you fail to respond to negative Facebook comments on your fan page then it will appear to other customers that you are just trying to ignore the issue. Don’t be that guy! Being unresponsive does nothing more than entice the user to come back bigger than ever. Give them the time of day, even if you think their accusations are false.

Avoid the public eye

My top tip for dealing with Facebook negativity is to take the battle elsewhere. Don’t have it out with a user across your Facebook page. Offer up your company email address so you can resolve the issue away from the public eye.



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