As part of a 2015 redesign, the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives have digitised their offering of the CILEx Journal, publishing in a fully-responsive HTML format.

The well-established Chartered Institute for Legal Executives has been offering access to legal careers for over 50 years and are “recognised as one of the three core regulators of the legal profession”. Their monthly publication CILEx Journal gives members all the key updates and information in law practice.

This month, we are proud to launch the digital edition of the CILEx Journal. We worked with CILEx to come up with the best digital solution for them, and the result has been built with CILEx’s needs as a membership organisation in mind: a publication portal to host and protect current and back issues of the journal, and digital content presented in our fully-responsive Webviewer.

The Portal

cilex-journalThe portal acts as a front window into the publication and has been carefully styled to meet CILEx’s brand guidelines. Members can log in to access the latest issue complete with highlights, browse the back-catalogue or search all the issues for keywords.

The smartest part of the portal is its ability to control access, letting only CILEx members see the content (Although for the first month, CILEx have made the portal public so anyone can access it.)

You can see the CILEx portal in action here.

The Webviewer


One of our newest products, an online Webviewer is an ideal fit for CILEx. Members can view each publication on desktop, mobile and tablet across all browsers with an internet connection. The Webviewer can be plugged into and work with the Portal.

Readers have a choice within the Webviewer to view the publication in responsive HTML or high-res PDF replica, and can double-click to easily switch between the two views.

CILEx’s webviewer will be for members only, but you can see our demo webviewer here for examples of more publications.

Simple, quick and cost-effective

It took us just two days to personalise the portal, fully digitise an issue and get CILEx’s Webviewer fully up and running, making this the perfect solution for time- and cost-sensitive organisations.

We at Page Lizard firmly believe that going digital doesn’t have to cost the earth in either time or budget, nor does it have to sacrifice the vital look and feel of a publication. CILEx is just one example of how we work to this ethos on a daily basis.

If you’re interested in improving your digital offering and think the portal or Webviewer solution is right for you, get in touch with us to learn more.


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