Apple News and Facebook Instant Articles will offer content owners new channels to promote their brands.

Google is due to make an announcement about its plans, and there are rumours that Linkedin will open up Pulse to curate as well as create content.

Either way, the future is clearly based around articles rather than whole issues of publications. Page Lizard is busy creating an interface in Egg, our digital publishing CMS, which lets editors import, create, style and select articles for different streams. This saves editors and publishers from reformatting for Apple News, Facebook and Flipboard separately – once the articles have been created, they can be pushed out to streams, apps, web browsers and more.

The process works like this. Firstly, we need to get your content into the CMS, which can come from a normal PDF, or a digital feed from your website or in-house CMS.


Then we need to create or add the style sheet for the publication, including all your branding colours and fonts. Our digital editors, or your in-house team can then style-up and edit each article.


Egg powers our mobile responsive web and app editions. You can check in preview how your article will look on different mobile devices in various orientations, or publish directly to the Webviewer.


To add your articles to the feed, all you need to do is open up the feed template and drag over the articles that you want to send out.

Articles can be edited in the feed channel before being scheduled and published.


So if you’re unsure about preparing for September, get in touch with us – we’re ready and would love to get you on board!

Contact us to find out more about Page Lizard and how it can mobilise your content.

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