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Mobile news apps like BBC News and The Times now account for a huge proportion of all news read across print and digital channels… and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out why.

In an age where we all have our smartphones lying poised in our pockets, we’ve become increasingly dependent on getting our news-fix as and when it happens, in text, video and audio forms. We’re spoilt with information, in fact, and it’s a concept that has only been made possible by digital publishing.


Mis-sold media

So why, when there’s clearly a general demand for more info and an increase in digital users on mobile phones, do most publishers continue to churn out run-of-the-mill, PDF replicas of their print publications? For too long have dedicated readers dropped their phones piddling around with pinch-to-zoom when trying to read their favourite magazine on a microscopic screen.

I think the answer lies in how broadcasting magazines digitally has been perceived up until now. Historically, digital publishing has been mis-sold as little more than a way of reducing shipping costs and keeping up to speed with technology – It’s a stigma that has lead publishers to think they are servicing the needs of their readers, when in fact they’re blind to the real demand.

It’s about time there was a change. What digital magazine publishing should really be about – and we’ve spoken to several print publishers who will testify to this – is providing readers with an engaging, educational journey that gives them no reason to look elsewhere.


A social ‘hub’

At its heart, a native app presents a publisher with a new opportunity to engross their audience in a way that is dissimilar to any website or print publication they may already have. Done correctly, an app creates a captivating digital presence that not only strengthens an existing audience, but excites others too.

By wrapping several features into our publishing platform, we’ve created the resource to give your app exactly such a presence:

  • Video and audio clips can be embedded directly into articles.
  • Articles can be shared on social media platforms in-app.
  • Comments can be made on the bottom of articles, forming topical discussions.
  • Live RSS feeds can be drawn in from your website.

With these features, you can give your digital publication back to your readers. By using video, audio clips and live news feeds, you can add more to your message than just your magazine, and social media comments let your customers shout about it in a way they are already accustomed to.

Page Lizard lets you turn your digital edition into a new kind of social hub that caters for the needs of your readers while increasing your reach. It gives you a new digital existence that can become a hive of activity and a dependable resource to your readers.



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