One of the membership organisations we work with is the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. Every week, we turn their two print publications, The Pharmaceutical Journal and Clinical Pharmacist into beautiful digital publishing editions for the Pharmaceutical Journal’s app.

PJ’s adventure starts here at Page Lizard when we receive the print-ready PDF files from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. Using a clever piece of software, we sort and identify the different sections and articles, then upload them to our own special CSS editor as HTML text, transitioning PJ into the world of digital publishing smoothly.

Then the process begins of styling and editing each article. Although HTML can be a great deal more limiting in design and layout than print, we’re still able to replicate the branding of The Pharmaceutical Journal whilst producing a seamless viewing experience for those on tablet and mobile devices.

Each issue opens automatically in PDF view, but readers can easily switch into HTML view by simply double-tapping an article, or through article tabs that pop up on the side of the screen. For those that aren’t great with technical lingo, it simply means that if you’re viewing the magazine page on a mobile device, you can read the text and images by scrolling down a single column view rather than zooming in and out, up and down, and so on. We make it a quick, easy and painless reading experience.

Once we’ve made each article look beautiful, we carefully proofread it and test the links and pictures to make sure everything’s ship-shape. 

Here are some of the lovely things PJ users say about the move to digital publishing and the app:

“Excellent! Thank you, the PJ and other publications just became MUCH more accessible!” – Riaz

“Brilliant! PJ’s in your pocket!” – Manish

“Finally! No more dragging my journal around when I’m on the road or travelling back home…I can keep myself up-to-date while I’m away.” – Claudia

“PJ meets the 21st century! Fantastic app, thanks.” – Jason

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If you’d like to know more about our Page Lizard software or digital publishing in general, get in touch using the buttons up top! Or tweet us @Page_Lizard. We don’t bite, but we do like tweety birds, so you’d better be quick…

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