Last week, Page Lizard launched the digital version of CILEx Journal – the 10th membership organisation to use our digital publishing service and technology.

The Journal is currently open, and CILEx are happy for other membership organisations to take a look at how the new mobile-responsive journal works.

We have taken some huge steps in advancing our digital publishing technology and services this year, and now is a good time to update you on what exactly we at Page Lizard can offer membership organisations.

The hard outcomes:

Membership magazine, journals and CPD materials are transformed into digital versions and delivered online and via apps. Everything that you might have printed can be converted into a format that can be delivered digitally.

Two really important points:

  • Unlike many other providers we do not use Flash, which is outdated and not supported by smartphones, tablets and increasingly even the most popular web browsers. Page Lizard’s Webviewer is 100% HTML and built for mobile.
  • Unlike other providers we do not use PDF page replicas. Print pages are incredibly difficult to read on a mobile, and phone reading is where 50% of the typical magazine traffic comes from (mobile is a significant growth area). All our content is re-formatted to be mobile-responsive.

The soft outcomes:

Our focus is re-imagining a magazine for next-generation digital delivery, not just re-purposing a print replica, and this sets us apart in the digital space. This is a really important step-change. We will use our expertise to train your publishing departments on how to make the leap, and provide them with the tools and technology.

People, people, people. Page Lizard is not just about technology but people. We offer a comprehensive, top-quality service which can be complete end-to-end digital publishing, high-end best practice consultancy, or just a bit of hand-holding when things aren’t going exactly as they should be.

“Page Lizard helped us create the CILEx Journal website in a stress-free, organised manner, under very short time constraints.  We were delighted with the service we received from the whole team.” 
Sharon Bruty, CILEx Journal Business Manager

It’s not expensive

The biggest mistake organisations can make is to assume that doing things well means doing them expensively. Our systems are built to manage the needs of publishers with high turnover of pages. We can scale down quite inexpensively.

We’re also really light on the demands we put on you. Simply send us a PDF, and we can make a fully interactive and mobile responsive digital edition for online viewing and for apps. We can also take care of all of the technical stuff including locking down access for your members. We work to fixed costs and agreed deadlines – on budget and on time.

“Page Lizard are very helpful, open, flexible and pragmatic. There were no nasty surprises with costs and they understood our needs. All in all they have made a potentially complex process surprisingly straightforward.”
Gary Allman, Head of Publications, Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals (CILIP)

Beyond the magazine

As part of the digital publishing step-change, we recommend that you consider publishing your content to an app. Tablets and phones lend themselves to a sit-back reading experience – so if you want your content and important communications to get read, publish them to an app as well.

Page Lizard lets you sync content from your website and feed it into an app. You can also cut and paste or write articles straight into the publishing system, then push them out to multiple outputs (the Webviewer or an app).

The statistics show that the app is a better way to deliver longer pieces of content that people want to read. Any content currently sent through email could and should be sent to the app. All of our apps cache content so they can be read offline or on the commute home, and can update quickly over wifi and 3G/4G. With the ability to send push notifications to members and track responses, it is an invaluable communication tool.


You probably have lots of questions, but may be reluctant to ask. Don’t want to ask a stupid question? Don’t want to be sold to? We all have the same problems.

Here are some of the things we can do to help:

  • Sign-up for a guided tour of Page Lizard’s digital publishing platform. A free 20 minute webinar led by one of our digital editors who will show you what we do for some of our membership clients.
  • Send a PDF over and ask for a free demo. We are always happy to show you how your publications could look in beautifully styled mobile-responsive HTML.
  • Call Graham. He has been responsible for setting up all the membership clients and has had to adapt our solutions to meet lots of individual requirements. Its unlikely you have a scenario we have not seen before, so reach out and tell us what you would like to achieve.

Graham’s direct dial is 0207 183 3691 or you can reach him via email: graham[at]

What else do our clients say about us?

“We had looked to launch an app edition our monthly membership magazine, Materials World, since 2013, as a way of expanding our readership outside of the IOM3 membership base – not only to generate revenue but, more importantly, to engage with a new, younger audience.

Initially, budget was a key driver. We considered starting small with a PDF page turner to test the water, with a view to investing in a more sophisticated version depending on success. However, on learning that mobile platforms are the preferred method of media consumption by a large margin (and not wanting to turn off a tech-savvy audience), we quickly realised that a mobile-optimised app would be key in order to capture our target market.

We decided to launch the Materials World app with Page Lizard because of their ability to optimise content for mobile and tablet devices and deliver apps through iOS, Android and Kindle. We were impressed with their portfolio of apps for similar membership publication and especially with how design and branding was translated from print to digital.

Page Lizard’s guidance and advice from the outset clearly demonstrated their understanding of the print and digital publishing industries. Their flexible service options and transparent pricing packages were also attractive, allowing us to produce a high quality app on a relatively limited budget – something that is often an issue for independent publishers.

The speed and quality of service has been fantastic and, less than a week into the app going live, user feedback has been excellent.”

Melanie Rutherford, Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining



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