Digital publishing technologies are setting trends and evolving constantly, with one of the most adapted being E Ink.

Whilst we know there is nothing better than a colourful digital publication, E ink is a great method for reading monochrome novels. Built specifically for publishing, E ink is taking over the world – we can even wear electronic ink devices on our bodies!

Branching out from publishing and into the consumer market, this is how E ink has changed the world.

Humble beginnings

Although E ink didn’t become a household term until a few years ago, it was first created back in the 90’s at a little technology school called MIT. Its most common use today is within E readers, its muted screen surface solving the problem of reading chunks of text on an LED/LCD screen in the sun.

Current standing

E ink was quickly adapted for uses outside publishing, as developers started looking fot ways to incorporate it into other teach. Today, you can buy any of these E ink devices online:

Watch – Smart and stylish

E ink watch

Gift cards – Tap and drag plastic! Pretty cool

E ink gift card

Phone case – Take a photo you like and have it on your phone instantly

Digital paper – Save the world and scrap the notebooks.

So what does E ink’s future look like?

Drills – A handy tool to make your DIY even better.

MultiPass – a concept so far in the future no prototype has been developed yet. You can read more about the idea hereMultipass

E ink has made the progression from a digital publishing technology to becoming a staple in all aspects of life. It may not be the ideal material for most technologies but for some, it’s perfect. We look forward to see what the future of electronic ink holds.


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