1. Relying on organic posts

It’s 2014 people, wake up! Things have changed and Facebook is making it harder for us to reach our fans organically. People keep telling me that pages are only reaching about 2-3% of their audience, which I don’t understand. Yes, it is much harder to reach people now than it was this time last year, but if you are producing great content consistently, you will still reach people!

The guys that are only reaching 3% of their audience are the ones that don’t have a very good social media strategy. Long gone are the days when you can post a simple text status and reach 17k people, and I actually think this is for the best.

With the above in mind, it is time to get your wallet out. Paying for what you need on Facebook is rapidly becoming a necessity; you can’t just rely on organic views if the aim of your game is to reach as many people as possible.


2. Selling to people

This is the golden rule of Facebook – better advice can’t be given! People like pages because they want to be associated with your brand or they want you to give them something. So stop trying to push your service or product onto them. People know what you do or they wouldn’t like your page.

Put together a social media strategy based on what you would want to see as a user. What would you like? What would you share? That is the only way you will reach people without boring them to death along the way.


3. Putting all your eggs in one basket

As a social media marketer, it would be crazy for me to tell you Facebook doesn’t matter, because it does. Sure we are all going to have to start paying a little more money towards it but that’s the world we live in. Facebook wants to make money out of us and why shouldn’t they? After all, your fans are really their customers.

That being said, it’s important not to put all your eggs in one basket. Facebook and social media in general is not in our control, and therefore building a business around just social media is not a good idea. Things could change at any minute. What if Facebook just shut down and you lost a 100k strong database?!

As a business, you should utilise your other marketing channels, both online and offline. If you make sure everything syncs up and works as a fluid and efficient unit, then you’ll be onto a winner.


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