Michel Koch, Time’s Chief Marketing Officer shares his experiences growing magazine brands in e-commerce markets at Media Reinvented.

Engaging with nearly half of all UK adults in print, and reaching 28 million global web users monthly, Time Inc. UK is a powerful publishing force. Can it take the audiences from its 50 plus brands and successfully expanding those into adjacent markets?

That is the challenge for Chief Marketing Officer Michel Koch. If Time Inc can succeed there will be lessons to be learned for all publishers and Michel will be sharing insights into how that journey is progressing at Page Lizard’s invitation-only event, Media Reinvented, on February 28th.

Michel joined Time a year ago and is new to consumer publishing. He was previously head of Marks & Spencer’s international online sales, and eCommerce director at Maplin Electronics. He has also held senior executive positions with multichannel companies such as Bertelsmann, Manutan, Quelle, Conrad Electronics and was head of new media at Sony Music.

At Time UK he oversees customer marketing, acquisition, trading and e-Commerce, CRM, partnerships, and subscriptions. His role pivots around creating a greater understanding of the brands’ customers, their passions, interactions and purchase journey, and moving into adjacent markets such as e-Commerce and events.

“The convergence of content and commerce is only in its infancy”

This serves as the foundation into the expansion into new ventures and products. Amongst some of Time Inc.’s initiatives in this field are the Marie Claire collaboration with Ocado to bring about ‘Fabled’, an online store that is fully branded (and in full partnership) with Marie Claire.

Other initiatives, which follow a slightly different approach, are Cycling Weekly’s e-Commerce partnership with the cycling sportive series events and the acquisition of UKCE (cycling events business), and The Knitting Network, a knitting pattern and yarn shop incubated within TIME inc, powered by Woman’s Weekly.

Other publishers seem to be exploring similar avenues to partner up e-commerce and publishing.

Michel believes that content and data are core to every brand’s strategy, and how the brand’s relationship with their audience is nurtured. “The convergence of content and commerce is only in its infancy, and as leaders in the market, we intend to be at the forefront of innovation to engage with customers in a 360° relationship,” he said.

If you are a content owner sign-up here to meet Michel and learn how the world’s biggest magazine publisher is approaching one of the biggest – and most critical – challenges of the industry.

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