She’s been First Lady, Secretary of State and U.S. Senator. With a CV that most would be happy to retire with, now Hillary Clinton has her sights set on the presidency.

Clinton’s presidential campaign video has seen more than 2 million views in 24 hours. Pretty awesome right? Couple that with 3.2 million followers on Twitter and 600,000 Facebook fans since only Sunday, you’ve got something pretty special going on.

Her competitors Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have just 900,000 followers on Twitter between them. Sure, she still has some catching up to do on Facebook (Rand has nearly 2 million fans) but give the woman a chance, she only joined yesterday!

Some might say Clinton has the X Factor. Already a household name across the world, she’s the perfect candidate to become a social media sensation. As a result she has received a lot of Twitter traffic and over 3 million people have seen her Presidential announcement Tweet.

How did she do it?

Some might say Clinton has the X Factor. Already a household name across the world, partly because of her politics but also because Clinton was at the centre of the Lewinski scandal. In my eye’s she was always the perfect candidate to become a social media sensation.

When it comes to announcing the first thing she did right was release a killer video. It’s easy to watch, engaging and appeals to pretty much everyone out there. When Clinton’s team put together that masterpiece they already had their social media battle wrapped up.

On top of this Clinton has received a whole ton of celebrity backing from the likes of Ellie Goulding, Kat Dennings, Lena Dunham and Ariana Grande. These endorsements will go a long way in affecting how younger U.S residents vote. Celebrity endorsement on social media have become a game changer for companies and brands; they pay large sums of money for big names to be seen with their bag or drinking their juice. By contrast, Hillary has paid nothing for these guys to wear her pin.

Adding to her celebrity appeal, Clinton is fighting for equal rights. Social media is a breeding ground for equality. Places like Twitter and Tumblr feed off brilliant quotes about equality from prominent people. Discussion about equal pay, marriage equality and feminism thrive from Twitter’s open door policy. On the most basic level, just having women and the LGBT community behind her could be a massive leg up-for Clinton.

With the above in mind, Clinton’s social media family were keeping themselves busy way before she announced her plans. The almost iconic image of Clinton reading her phone in shades has been making the rounds for a while now. Perhaps this is a true validation of just how much social media loves her and how shareable she is.

Still, even with her natural likability, Hillary still needs to run her own well oiled social media campaign. Last week, Clinton hired Stephanie Hannon, Google’s Director of Product Management for Civic Innovation and Social Impact, as her campaign’s Chief Technology Officer. Although it’s unclear whether Hannon has a hand in helping Clinton’s Facebook debut, the roll out was well thought out. We’re impressed!

With celebrity backing, memes, equal rights advocates and Google’s Director of Product Management behind her, is it any surprise that Hillary Clinton’s social media campaign has started off on a high note?


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