Here at Page Lizard, we’ve been working on a new app for four of IHS’s defence titles as they take their next steps into the world of digital publishing.

IHS digital publishingThe app includes Jane’s weekly Defence magazine, the International Defence Review, Navy International and Intelligence Review titles; all of which are also available to subscribers in print and on IHS’s web portal.

My role in the development of the app was to edit and style the stories to enable a seamless transition between the pdf and the new html text view for readers. I wanted the text view to reflect the careful design of the print version, but also had to make sure that implementing the styling was efficient due to the tight deadlines of the digital editions

The app allows readers to view each magazine in both pdf and print view, allowing the reader to choose which view they prefer. Giving the reader the option to continue with the traditional print view is perhaps more important than people in digital publishing would like to admit, as demonstrated by our blog post ‘Is it all over for the PDF?’. Time (and analytics) will tell how IHS users respond to these options, and whether that differs from the trends we’ve seen emerging from other publications such as TES and The Pharmaceutical Journal.

A key feature of the app is the ability to share and comment on each article on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn – an important feature for IHS’ growing social media community, really utilising both social media and digital publishing. Allowing subscribers to interact with and respond to content is not a revolutionary idea by any means, but for a publication whose articles online regularly attract debate and discussion, the ability to do this from an article in an app is a valuable feature for IHS subscribers.

IHS’ app offers readers a sleek digital experience, enabling them to choose their reading preferences and engage with stories through a no-frills interface. Download the app for Apple or Android to access a free issue of Jane’s Defence Weekly, and see for yourself what we’ve been up to in the world of digital publishing!

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