According to the Postnord (European 2017 E-commerce report) 90% of the UK population between the ages of 15 – 79 shop online, that’s nearly 46 million people.

The United Kingdom is considered to be the country with the most highly-developed e-commerce sector in Europe.

UK consumers spend more online than any other nation – 874 Euro per person in 2017 – which is 200 Euro more than the Nordic countries, the second highest per capita spend.

So why is there such an appetite for e-commerce in the UK?

One of the driving forces behind the growth in e-commerce habits has been the rise in the digitalisation in society. Digitalisation is the use of digital technologies to change the way we do business.

What we see in the UK is an advanced digital ecosystem. The online purchase figures are simply indicators of the extent to which digitalisation has spread through the country.

What the United Kingdom and the Nordics also have in common, accoding to Postnord, is the highest per capita ownership and use of smartphones in Europe.

As technology has gradually become cheaper it has fuelled the fast adoption of mobile devices, in particular the smartphone. In just a few short years, smartphones have revolutionised how we live and buy, serving up information and inspiration, for example via special offers with SMS text, e-mails and advertising.

In the UK 57% of the population have used a mobile device for online shopping.

Retailers are understandably working hard to capture the rapid growth in mobile ecommerce. Despite the clear trends, most business enterprises, professional bodies and membership organisations are lagging behind the curve.

Traditional tactics for engaging members or subscribers through print are no longer really affordable or viable. The print production process is cost prohibitive and the audience today is seeking a change in the way they interact and digest content. The challenge for many organisations is knowing which digital tools are the right ones to invest in with limited resources and expertise.

Its clear that people want to interact and engage with your membership organisation in the same way as they do with the other parts of their life. Which is why smartphones have quickly become an ever present part of your members life.

A mobile device lets them become a gate keeper for their precious time, deciding the terms of whether and when they interact with you and their network.

Failing to connect with members through what has become without doubt the preferred mode of communication may mean the difference between an engaged member and a poorly received message that fails to get through.

Members don’t have the time or the patience to work on a relationship, if it’s not on their terms.

For membership organisations to stay relevant and succeed they need to listen to and adapt to the evolving needs of their audiences. Keeping pace with changes in their members preferences – especially for digital communications.

The average time spent browsing by UK smartphone users is 66 hours per month according to comScore mobile metrix, so should n’t your organisation be fighting for it’s share of voice?

Make it easy for your members as they browse the latest organisation news or help them be more productive during “me time” when their smartphone gets all the attention.

Free e-guide Print vs. Digital

The prospect of being able to reach members through their smartphones is tantalizing, but don’t assume just because you have an app that it is problem solved. Content apps may be on your digital wish list as a way to get the most from your magazines and journals and this is where the experience of Page Lizard can help.

We are experts in delivering on your “mobile first strategy”. Providing your organisation with a digital platform for a content app with advanced functionality.

If you are looking for an innovative way to reach and engage your members, we’d love to share with you recent examples of affordable apps that reduce member churn and grow engagement.

We have an unrelenting approach to quality, so don’t be surprised to hear that we limit the amount of app projects that we take on. If you want to guarantee an effective app deployment in 2018 then we are open to take your brief.

Our team of specialists provides everything you need for your app: from design, to build, back-end integration, project management, submission, hosting – plus the on going support.

We offer production services that will convert your content from print or web and publish to digital easily and cost-effectively.

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