Apple will be rolling out iOS 10 over the next few days, which has been claimed as the ‘biggest release ever’ from the technology giant.

The change will focus on the redesign of apps and notifications to Apple devices, so it’s more convenient and accessible for users. The update will mean it will be more responsive to touch, which means users will have more control over their device’s activities.

We predicted that personalisation would be big in 2016, and Apple is now taking it to a whole new level in its products. The Apple News app, which was launched last year, features “For You”, a re-design that focuses on the interests of the readers, based on the readers’ previous reading habits, as well as “Trending News” and “Featured News” sections.

It is now easier to find specific stories on the app with its improved organization, as the layout has now been separated into small sections, making it easier to find a particular story. Readers will also have a bespoke section dedicated to them, which will get better and better as you continue to use the app, as well as suggestions throughout the app.

Subscriptions have landed. There is no need to navigate to another website for your subscription services as you can now download them all to your device through Apple news. Favourite subscription services such as The Wall Street Journal are now available in one place to read alongside non-subscription content. Notifications can now be sent to your device about any breaking news from nearly 60,000 publications on the app, or just from your favourite publications. This can be controlled through your settings so you are only updated about things that matter to you.

The app’s design allows publications to be visually engaging for users and each publication has been adapted so it can be used across Apple products, so nasty surprises if you change from an iPad to an iPhone. The app is able to work with print publications and enhance these to create interactive and glamorous digital content, while maintaining the original style of the magazine or newspaper.

The increase in video embedded content is a huge plus, especially to maintain and engage readers. Videos can now be played within the articles, which can be shared to social media platforms instantly.

As well as several updates to Apple News, iOS 10 brings a lot of advantages to devices too. We previously mentioned why chatbots are important and Apple have certainly listened. Chatbots, such as Siri, pose incredible possibilities for publications. By using a chatbox that incorporates Siri, publications can create content that is based on voice communication alone. Unfortunately, this will be only rolling out to six types of app services, at first, including audio/video calling and messaging, with the hope it will later be rolled out to all app services.


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