“Mobile is now the new shop window and there isn’t any disputing that.” – Head of Brand Development for EMEA

The above statement is something I already knew. Did you? At Page Lizard we are constantly trying to tell people how important mobile is for your business. It’s no lie your website, google ads, digital publications and everything in-between need to be optimised for mobile. Digital publishers especially seem to forget that there are more than one type of mobile device and nearly 60% of their readers will be on Android. We only expect to see this figure soar.

wired retailWhen Tracy Yaverbaun from Instagram took to the podium at Wired Retail last week she spoke sense. Not only did she speak sense but she also identified the flaws her competitors tend to point out. Firstly, Instagram doesn’t have a ‘buy it now’ button but neither do Facebook or Twitter. The best content has no type of ‘sell’ to it. Secondly, people can link to websites and content a whole lot easier from other social networks but what Instagram has is unique: it was and is built for mobile.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 10 years you will have noticed you can’t go anywhere without seeing people browsing online via their devices. With such blatant proof that mobile will be the new shop window, why is it so hard to drill into peoples heads that it is the key to a successful future? It seems to be the same with video, how can people not see the value when the facts are so clearly laid out?

In the not so distant future the world will be fully mobile and people won’t have time to waste sitting at desks. More businesses, people and social networks will be mobile. Do you want to be left behind?

Here is your mobile marketing check list:

  1. Is my website optimised for mobile?
  2. Are my google ads optimised for mobile?
  3. What is my search visibility on mobile?
  4. Can you access my social networks via mobile?
  5. Do I have any publications? Are they on apps? Are they readable on Android, Windows and iOS?
  6. Can my product be sold on an app?
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