In the last year or so wearable tech has become a hot topic for most forms of digital media.

As a digital publishing company we’ve often wondered how these electronic accessories will change the face of publishing.

Finally one publisher is giving us more than just a concept. Earlier this month The Guardian launched ‘Moments. Built specifically for Apple Watch, this app add-on is “a new way to discover your favourite stories” (self-proclaimed by The Guardian).

Moments focuses on three types of content delivery:

  1. Notifications
  2. Glances
  3. The full watch experience

Whilst there seems to be some ambiguity regarding the differences between glance the full watch experience, it seems the Guardian are using wearable tech in the way we thought publishers might; as a gateway to longer content, a sneak peak of information that’s much easier to access on your wrist than on mobile.

Helene Sears, a member of the Guardian App team said “We wanted to stick to the principle of keeping interactions light and focused. Reviews are a great example of this, as the headline and star rating tell you the minimum you need to know. If a reader wants more, they can turn to our phone app to get the full story.” This all adds strength to the user controlled content model that modern audiences are beginning to expect from digital publishers.

The debate

So with mainstream publishers leading the way in wearable technology will the rest follow? Here’s what others have to say on the role of wearable tech in publishing:

“The publishing industry needs to prepare itself for the consolidation of wearable tech, as publishers will have a big role in wearables in the near future.”
– Jeanniey Mullen from


“Moments from the Guardian App, built for Apple watch, embodies the future of journalism, crafting the content specifically for the wearable device.”
Mindhshare Publishing


The stakes for publishers to deliver results – whether that’s meeting a quota of articles shared or acquiring a steady stream of new readers – is at an all-time high. Now the publishing business, already complicated, is even more complex thanks to wearables.

Whilst some publishers are still coming to terms with mobile publishing the Guardian seems to be a step ahead – leaving many publishers who still haven’t got their heads around mobile publishing behind. In fairness not everyone has the funds to develop as quickly as the Guardian have but I have no doubt that moments is a look into the future of publishing and soon similar quick-content app add-ons for watches will start to trickle into publisher’s content delivery plans.


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