In the digital world why should one size fit all…?

At the PPA Business Media Summit, our CEO Graham Duffill gave a talk about taking engagement to the next level through targeted content. In print everyone receives the same copy of the magazine, but in the digital world there is no reason why readers should not instead receive personalised content which is relevant to them.

Digital publishing has undergone something of a transformation over the past few years, with the focus shifting from ‘issue-based’ publishing where everything is released in a print-style bundle, to ‘continuous publishing’ where articles are released more frequently.

Could digital publishing now be entering a third phase, where targeted content is king?

You can’t just be a broadcast platform to spam your users. You need to understand who these users are and what will drive them. Developers that respond to these needs will provide relevant content to users.”
Raj Aggarwal, Localytics

One app, nine targeted groups

Using TES Digital as a case study, Graham explored how the digital audience had been segmented into seven streams which each delivered focused and relevant articles. He used the example of a recent conference where TES had used its media partnership to drive a special stream of conference-themed articles and commentary to delegates on a dedicated login.

Giving users the ability to control a personalised feed of topics has further driven engagement amongst teachers and readers of TES.

Business publishers saw how this could be used in their monetisation strategies. ‘Digital Packages’ can be sold which offer premium experiences to members, such as webinars, training and CPD.

“Targeted content transforms generic content into relevant content,” Graham explained. “Apps are at the next stage where they can be places full of relevant articles, CPD, breaking news and traditional issues.”

“Carefully targeting content that many publishers are already producing is a clever way of adding value to your digital content” he concluded.

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