photo 5Page Lizard ventured to pastures new again last week. We brought our snazzy notebooks, dazzling business cards and stretchy lizards to the people of The Managing Member Networks Conference in London. As usual we were in attendance just to lend a helping hand to those who are thinking about going digital with their membership publications.

The main question Page Lizard gets asked when we visit conferences like PARN is what difference will having my publication available to members on an app make? First it is important to understand how your articles will appear on your app. We have two views, HTML5 and a kind of pdf view. HTML5 is a real selling point because it makes the publication interactive. You can click links, share to social media and watch videos. If you double tap article it switches between each view, it’s easy! Another benefit is that readers can access your publication on the go. We can also password protect publications so only members with passwords can access your material.

So there you have it. Our most asked question at PARN answered. If you have any questions about what Page Lizard does or just want to know more about digital publishing then don’t hesitate to drop us a line.


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