Print is becoming a luxury, especially with huge postal prices and ever-increasing magazine print and production costs. Many businesses are now looking for effective alternatives to engage their audiences.

UK beauty magazine Glamour announced that it too has adopted a digital first strategy and will be moving its beauty content online and ending monthly printed editions. A move based on how readers are living a mobile-first, social-first lifestyle. “It is a faster, more focused, multi-platform relationship,” the magazine said.

Established in 2005 Page Lizard has experience helping publishers, professional bodies and businesses transition from print to digital. In writing this blog, we hope to highlight some of the key discussion points to aide a move to digital.

1. Print – are you serious?

Transistor radios, typewriters, printed magazines. They are all museum pieces to a millennial. Print Is not part of the: “I want it now” society. You date your organisation and brand if you rely on print or do digital badly.

2. Postage costs

Postage costs have risen 540% since 1980. Sending communications by post is a major point of friction to cost-sensitive businesses today and makes going digital so interesting.

3. The Instant global delivery mind set

We expect to send and receive communications instantly. We are annoyed if we cannot access information instantly. The flexible workforce expect to work and communicate from wherever they are. Instant global delivery is today’s expected norm.

4. In your readers pocket

The proliferation of smartphones into our daily life (85% have one) means we expect to do everything through them. There are more mobiles than PCs, they are faster and personal and users expect a mobile-first approach. Its also good for you to be able to talk directly to them – much more powerful than email.

5. Instant feedback

Society expects today instant gratification, if I personally respond on social media or via my own emails instantly – then why would I as a customer expect no less from the business publication I subscribe to or the Professional association I am a member of?

6. Full transparency

Printed media has huge impact, according to annual surveys. Digital media provides real-time surveys, always on, always measuring. The ability to track the response of your audience can be measured far more effectively in the digital world. Digital publishing enables you to dive deep into the habits and behaviour of your audience.

7. But what about the reading experience?

Producing content for digital media is quicker and cheaper than laying out for print. It leaves more time for creativity – which is good because in digital you have to do it well to be seen. Engage with interactivity and other media to enhance the user experience.

8. And engagement?

Studies have shown people read and learn better in print. The physical interaction and page-turning helps connect the brain. Studies have also shown that people learn even better in digital when illustrations, animations, expandable tables and explanations are provided alongside the text. Digital publishing is actively improving the human’s ability to comprehend.

9. Multimedia

A digital platform provides the ability to share a page with text and video. And recent research has shown how important video is as a media – easy to digest, and visual in content so it is far more easily remembered. Read, see, understand.

10. Sharing

We live now in a sharing economy, so digital content is already in an ideal format for readers to share instantly. The “word of mouth” effect of sharing content can help extend the reach of your digital publishing far more than if it was only in a printed format.

11. Being right for the age

With so many smart phones in circulation their proliferation has meant that if you want to target a particular audience you have to think as much about the device your customers use as well as the message that will resonate with them. Screenagers and millennials live by their smartphones, but their parents are not far behind.

12. A well-built app

An app needs to be intuitive if you want users to integrate into their everyday life. The expectation of an app is that it will make tasks easier and save the user time. If you cannot think how your app adds value don’t build it.

13. Changing your culture

Going digital is not just something you ‘bolt on’ to make you more modern and relevant to the user. It is part of an essential cultural change in your organisation. But you get there by a lot of small steps. There is no giant leap: “we must all be digital first from now on”. If you don’t take the small steps today you will not learn to walk in the right direction.

14. Being cost efficient

There is no question that a well-executed digital programme delivers cost savings. But data and understanding of our audience is not our most valuable commodity. Once you can track and report their every interaction it provides new rational to your digital investment.

15. Being environmentally friendly

There are a number of ways that shifting to digital publishing can have a positive impact on the environment, some examples would be:

  • Saving trees;
  • Reducing paper consumption;
  • Saving energy used in print production;
  • Eliminating packaging materials;
  • Saving fuel used for transportation;
  • Reducing the energy, and pollution required to dispose of printed material;

Take Away

If you want to take advantage of our twelve years of experience in digital transformations you can download our e-book, which includes links to pertinent research and studies plus we cover in much more detail the 15x reasons that will make you wish you should make the move from print to digital.

The Page Lizard team provides everything you need from design, build, back-end integration, project management, submission, hosting – plus all the on going support you need to create mobile apps and online viewers.

Just let me know if you have any questions on the points raised above, or would like some advice on how you can accelerate the digital transformation of your business or organisation.

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