As a membership organisation it’s easy to be lulled into thinking you’re already doing many of the right things because traffic to your website is high. The problem tends not to be the volume of website traffic, but a lack of member engagement when you review overall communication efforts.

Attracting new members, retaining your current ones, keeping them satisfied and engaged is a perpetual challenge. And member strategy is moving for many organisations from a short-term acquisition focus to one of long-term membership engagement.

To add to the challenge, this is set against a backdrop of digital transformation and rising member expectations.

Today many member organisations are lagging behind the digital curve when it comes to fully exploiting digital to help shape and deliver their message. And that’s a problem, because the way your members want to interact and the benefits they value has changed.

This can seem a little overwhelming when many membership organisations are still at that point where they are struggling to reach a level of comfort in the digital world. Especially disconcerting when you consider the average person picks up their phone 85 times a day and spends a total of 5 hours browsing the web and using apps, according to a study led by Nottingham Trent University.

Members expect their online experience to be interactive and engaging, as they are increasingly performing more and more of their own day-to-day tasks online. This sets an expectation to be able to engage and interact with an organisation digitally.

With the increased use of smartphones, the prevalence of mobile apps, and the rise in the use and impact of social media, user experience expectations have gone up.

Attracting young members and professionals is a problem common to many organisations. Page Lizard was asked by The Royal Aeronautical Society (RAES) to reinvent their dedicated student microsite.

For this particular target audience we felt strongly that a mobile app was the best way to tackle the project. One thing all students will have is a smart phone! So the decision was made to create the AEROPORT app.

  • The app is free to download
  • A new user has to fill in a registration form
  • At the back-end Page Lizard seamlessly sends each electronic record to the RAES where it can be synched into the CRM system
  • All the content was also replicated in a responsive web site

Page Lizard was delighted to take the project on, and exceed all expectations with such an important proof-of-concept in an area in which so many membership organisations struggle.

Many membership organisations understand that change is needed, but find it hard to decide on their digital strategy or content delivery. And with the ever evolving world of SEO (search engine optimisation) and the challenge of legacy systems storing member information, organisations struggle to find where or how their members behave and interact online.

Managing digital assets from images to content can be complicated so Page Lizard’s mobile platform is designed to enable content owners to easily make the transition from print to digital.

Free e-guide Print vs. Digital

On a software as a service model we licence our technology to power digital publications in browser and in apps. We build, support, host and maintain the apps and all of the infrastructure in one contract, providing a simply one-stop-shop for clients.

Take Away

  • It’s vital to understand the evolving member audience, as this understanding will focus your efforts on how best to serve and engage your membership.
  • The changes in technology and the shifts in digital habits need membership organisations to create or re-evaluate their approach to digital.
  • Membership organisations should be asking themselves questions about their role in the ver changing digital landscape and what value they can offer to their members to keep them satisfied.


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