We’ve all heard the news over the past few months about Apple News and Facebook’s Instant Articles, and we at Page Lizard have been working hard to understand the implications of these changes to the publishing industry.

At a PPA Tech Talk last week, we listened to publisher’s concerns and hopes for Apple News and similar social and media channels, along with the growth of mobile-first content consumption and how to adapt to these new patterns.

One major concern that publishers shared was the time, effort and cost involved with adapting content for all the different popular channels. Most agreed that content shouldn’t be canibalised to one producer (Apple News in this case), but they couldn’t see a solution for easily publishing to everything.

We have that solution, and are excited to announce that we’re developing our social and media stream publishing feature in the summer, ready for the launch of Apple News in September.

Rather than editing and formatting articles separately for Facebook, Flipboard, Apple News and any other channel that comes along, you can now edit once, and push out to multiple streams (which can also include your app!). Our Newsfeed-ready CMS is built for mobile-first publishing, which quite simply means that your content works on everything.

Publishers can choose to import their content, upload it or create it in our CMS. They can then decide whether to enhance the styling, add media or keep the content as it is. Then they simply have to drag and drop articles into the selected social and media feeds.

This approach gives publishers the flexibility to put as much or as little time into the social and media channels as possible. We are also able to upload content to these streams directly from a PDF, so publishers with little or no time to spare can put their content straight into our expert hands for uploading, styling and distributing.

Get involved

We’re currently in beta testing and will be going live with the launch of Apple News in September, but we’re seeking publishers to test their content with us and be ready for the new opportunities for social and media channels from the start.

Contact us for more information, or email us to register your interest.


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