Net-A-Porter’s weekly digital magazine The Edit has launched a new shoppable app. It has already made the Top 10 Best List in the app store, but how does it hold up to Page Lizard’s digital scrutiny?

For what is supposed to be a bite-sized weekly magazine, The Edit exceeds expectations in terms of quality and quantity of content, especially as it’s given away for free.

With 12-14 articles in each issue, it is very quick and lightweight to download. The content can be viewed in landscape or portrait, with a beautiful responsive cover. I was expecting the stories on the cover to be linked up to the articles, but this is nit-picking. The cover, contents and images render flawlessly in the iP

The in-app shopping experience is flawless (well, as far as I could get without actually spending £1,495 on a dress!). Double-tapping on any advert or article sweeps you neatly to an in-app shopping page, with the magazine still visible in a strip above. All the products featured on that page can then be browsed in a neat list and explored further with sizing and stock information, and can even be added to the app basket, all without taking you away from the magazine. The whole process is seamless, with no glitches or crashes.

Better than the online version

The shopping app has a vast number of improvements in comparison to the online version.

  • Instructions for use are really clear and on-brand
  • Occasional video (might be nice to see more of these as the one in there was very good) tastefully arranged – a ‘how to’ on styling







‘Wow’ factor:



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