In a society saturated with content, fake news and clickbait it’s hard to know where membership lives. But like every big cultural change, our shift in content consumption has born a counter-culture, and it might just be the perfect place for membership to thrive.

Brought about as a rejection of fast, unresearched news, slow journalism is just one of the many “slow movements” we see in society today. Slow Journalism prides itself on taking the time to create quality news that’s fair and considered, abandoning the expected knee-jerk reaction pieces and refuses to compromise on quality.

Leading the Slow Journalism movement (at least in the UK) is magazine Delayed Gratification. Published quarterly, the magazine is a self-proclaimed “antidote to throwaway media”. Each issue looks at the previous 3 months of news and reports on what happened once the dust settled giving life to stories that would otherwise be forgotten about with unique and refreshing approach.

Many membership bodies are familiar with the quarterly publishing cycle but over the recent years have felt obliged to provide instant coverage of their sector, feeling the immediate effects from how social media has changed the way people consume content. But now that dust is settled and readers are looking for more value the membership sector has a great opportunity to step in and show-off its best bits: expertise, reliability, community and quality.

It’s not just independent publications like Delayed Gratification who saying pushing back Facebook’s latest algorithm change which prioritses posts from friends, family and groups is another example of where we’re seeing this push-back to the fast news cycle. Mark Zuckerberg describes the change as an attempt to “encourage meaningful interactions between people.”.

All signs point to a shift in content creation and expectation, readers are sick of the fake news… and this is the perfect opportunity for membership organisations to shine.

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