Spotlight have taken the digital leap by transforming their flagship casting directories into beautiful digital editions.

Thousands of production companies, broadcasters, advertising agencies and independent casting directors use the iconic Spotlight directories as a casting resource to access over 60,000 performers across the UK.

Known as the “Yellow Pages” of the casting industry, the multi-edition directories are broken down alphabetically and by age range. Carefully compiled by Spotlight and running across 10 print volumes totalling nearly 10,000 pages, our challenge was to extract this information from the print PDFs and present it in a clean, easy-to-use, fast digital edition.

Together with Spotlight, we have transformed the casting directories into two sleek iPad and iPhone digital editions for Actors and Actresses, with a number of ground-breaking features that will save casting directors, production companies and agencies precious time during the casting process.

What makes the digital edition special? Here are a few of our favourite things…

1. Filterable content

With thousands of actors and actresses to scroll through on each digital edition, we built a search filter that allows users to condense their search by using Spotlight’s trademark options: eye colour, playing age and height. The digital edition also has powerful search functionality across agents and performers.

2. Creating and sharing lists

Once a user has found the right professional for the job, they can add them to a list, save the list for later and even share it with other casting colleagues once they’ve built up a collection of potential performers.

3. Offline browsing

One of the biggest triumphs of the digital editions is offline-browsing. Spotlight wanted to replicate the book browsing experience so users could take their time to ponder and keep a similar creative process. Also if users are on the move and are offline or using 3G whilst travelling between meetings we wanted to be sure that they can be cached to devices and be available when the connection isn’t.

4. Most importantly…

The digital editions were built with Spotlight in mind, and we worked hard to understand what they wanted from them, and deliver something that could live up to the high standards that their users have come to expect from the print directories.

“Page Lizard constantly delivered on their promise to listen to us, be on hand whenever we needed, react quickly to our feedback and help make the process painless at all times. Simple and gorgeous. We have the most fantastic product as a result.”
Kate Poynton, Head of Publishing at Spotlight

Spotlight Actors & Spotlight Actresses are out on iOS now. Find out more about Page Lizard’s services here and see how we can help you on your digital publishing journey.



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