If you’re catching up with the weekend’s media news over a cup of coffee, we doubt you’ll have missed the latest gaffe from TIME magazine. Their latest cover features Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus – pioneers in all things virtual reality.

The cover shows him awkwardly dancing (or is it skipping?) wearing one of the company’s VR headsets. The article itself uses every nerd stereotype under the sun, and many are aghast at descriptions of him being able to talk in ‘normal sentences that are easy to understand’. Below is the original cover, in all its cringeworthy glory:

The internet has unsurprisingly gone to town on the new cover, with various Twitter pages asking for the best (and worst) in photoshop offerings. Here are our own contributions, and a round-up of our favourite from the Twittersphere…



Seen any more brilliant reactions to the cover? Tweet us @pagelizard and we’ll feature it here!

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