Just when we thought our week couldn’t get any better we’ve discovered that Twitter are experimenting with analytics for individual tweets.


The kind of information the new analytics tool shows is already available in your Twitter analytics dashboard, but bringing it to user timelines makes it more convenient for everyone involved. Twitter is hoping the move will mean the tool will be used more, and as a result brands will see the power of just one tweet, right under their noses.


twitter analytics


As per above, you can now click the little graph button under your tweet to reveal some interesting facts and figures. Once clicked, stats are revealed such as how many times your tweet has been viewed, number of link clicks, RT’s and other details.


new twitter analytics



Twitter has been playing with tweet-level analytics for mobile devices since 2014. Users of the iOS and Android apps can view tweet activity from the tweet detail page, as shown below.




So what does this tiny weeny feature mean for all of us metric heads out there? Probably not too much, but it will prove useful for your everyday regular user to see how well their content is really doing.


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