Workshop with the RSC followed by drinks and networking

It is difficult to over-state the value of the lessons that can be learned by any membership organisation with good content from the Royal Society of Chemistry’s journey with Chemistry World.

Let’s put it simply, they have an answer to that old membership conundrum – what happens if I make my most-valued member benefit available to everyone?

In this case Chemistry World went on-sale as an international subscription magazine and… For the full detail you need to attend, but to whet your appetite it proved to be:

  • A brilliant way to recruit new members
  • A great idea to make something positive out of member-churn
  • A really good way to expand upon the RSC’s reach to everyone interested in chemistry

Chemistry World’s publisher, Adam Brownsell, is also one of the most experienced and insightful digital experts we have met. There are lots of tools that were deployed in this process which have created the ideal 360 degree view of who is reading Chemistry World content, where they have come from, and who might become a subscriber, or a member. 

In addition to being insightful as a technology lesson, it’s also a brilliant story about something else all membership professionals face: how to handle culture change. There was clearly a big decision needed within the organisation to change the business-model and things have developed from that, such as a digital-first recruitment model.

Adam delivered this story at our February event ‘Media Reinvented’ and was the sell-out success of the show, which fascinated a lot of B2C publishers like Time Inc.  There were lots of requests afterwards from organisations which had not been there to give them a summary – which is why Adam has agreed to re-visit the story with a little more detail and time.

This is a free event bar the nominal sum asked for to cover the drinks and catering costs. Adam is giving his time to share his lesson for no reward. Taylor Wessing are providing the venue for no return and Page Lizard are organising it because we want membership organisations to think progressively about their content.

Its going to be short and to-the-point with drinks and canapes on Taylor Wessing’s amazing rooftop balcony later – we cannot make it more attractive than that. So please sign-up and join us for what will be a great evening.

If you would like to attend our July content workshop click here

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