Could this YouTube contender usher in ‘the age of verticle video’?

Now perhaps i’m an old school YouTube fan, who has spent far too many evenings engrossed in cat video playlists. Or perhaps my perception of video has been skewed by the 16:9 standard exercised by the film industry. Whatever the reason, when I see a vertically filmed video, I get a strange sensation as the hairs on the back of my neck stand on-end.

An initial response quickly followed up with a flash of anger as I shout something like “who the heck shot this? WHY isn’t it landscape?” whilst frantically rotating my tablet – to no avail.

I don’t feel I am in the minority with these feelings of righteous fury, but it is quite probable I am in a now-diminishing majority.

With apps like Snapchat or Periscope re-defining the digital media landscape, it’s not surprising that Vervid have announced their vision of becoming the ‘YouTube of verticle videos’.

Their premise is simple: give disposable content a specially designed, permanent space to exist. A concept that follows in the footsteps of  Instagram and Vine, who created a similar home for square-shaped media.

The Vervid app features a built-in editor designed for the vertical aspect ratio, where users can stitch together short clips and upload a final video. However, there will be a 5 minute cap imposed on the content.

Organic material

34825530Originally regarded as the medium of amateur smartphone filmmakers, vertical video is fast becoming a format that savvy media outlets cannot afford to ignore.

As the demand for mobile media grows, so too is the demand for a more evolved video platform, capable of handling and delivering videos uploaded directly from the camera roll and, despite how you or I may feel about it, this is an undeniable niche ready to be built upon.

Rather than having to constantly switch between how we naturally hold our phones (vertically) to the way most media has traditionally been formatted (horizontally), users will now be able to enjoy content the way they’ve (presumably) secretly always wanted to — upright, up close and personal.

Firmly planting their flag in this new soil, Vervid has already secured its first investment and is due to launch in private beta for iOS this month.


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