Publishing apps are popular with publishers who strive to create a long-term relationship with their audiences. They have lost their shine for consumer publishers hoped they would deliver short-term gains selling more copies. Your options depend on which category you feel closest to.

Use a platform which can sell your publication

Many consumer publishers signed up to platforms like Zinio and Readly to sell more copies. The consumer buys a subscription to the platform – just like taking out a Netflix subscription – and that allows you to read magazine published via the platform app. The publisher receives royalties.

Build it yourself

At the other end of the scale some big publishers use in-house developers or contract outsourced teams to build their app. If you are a national title, like The Times, or an international brand, like the FT, your digital subscribers are a key business goal and you therefore want to be in control of their entire journey.

Build it on a budget

Many publishers want the control that comes with a self-built app, but don’t have the resources of an FT. This is where Page Lizard fits in. We build custom apps for publishers based on a modular approach. Where the modules already exist because other publishers are using them the app can be a ‘bolt-together’ of existing modules, which makes it relatively cheap and easy to build.

Having a mobile app for your publications is a great way to deliver a great reading experience for your customers. It’s also a great way to grow your business because it will tell you everything about what every reader does. They get great content on or offline in an attractive format to enjoy anywhere. You get a great connection to your subscriber so you can learn more about them to help you build an even better relationship.


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