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Apps that deliver on-the-go learning and CPD recording are a great success. People want to learn on the move and capture activities on the spot


The Royal Pharmaceutical Society wanted to provide members with an easy way to complete Continuing Professional Development (CPD) tasks on the go.

We built an award-winning app for them. 

Content-led learning

The RPS app is content-led, and automatically feeds any website content that is marked for CPD learning into the app.

Read CPD articles offline

Hundreds of articles from The Pharmaceutical Journal and Clinical Pharmacist are fed into the app to inspire pharmacists’ learning needs.

Users can easily swipe between articles, even offline.

Content is continually updated

Articles covering pharmaceutical sciences, medicines  and medical conditions are among topics in a subject-led navigation. Content is constantly updated when new articles are published by The Pharmaceutical Journal team.

No extra work is required as the app synchs with the editorial CMS and website. The membership and subscriber database is also connected, providing seamless sign-in with the usual login name and password.

Bookmark and add notes to articles

Users can bookmark any article as a reminder to complete a CPD activity on it later. They can also store a note on the bookmark.

A bookmarked article shows a coloured star, which can also be tapped to re-open the note. A completed CPD article will also be marked for easy reference.

Complete CPD forms on specific articles

Each article let’s a user open four types of CPD form, such as planned learning, unplanned learning, peer discussion, as specified by the regulator, the GPhC.

Any form can be edited, saved and re-edited later, letting a user return to their task when they have time. Ideal for break-time catch-ups. Some articles also have embedded multiple-choice tests which a user can take only once.

Review and edit completed CPD material in your profile

All learning activities are saved to user’s profile. The profile is pre-populated with the user’s name and membership number. They can store other data like registration number, date of registration and email address within the profile.

Existing forms can be opened and re-edited. Users who want to begin a new activity, which is not related to any content, can also create a blank CPD activity on this page to complete.

Export your records from the app

Users can then export all of the completed CPD work to themselves by email. The app also sychronises CPD records with the RPS’s online learning platform. Here users can edit their submissions on a desktop before sending to the regulator (the GPhc).

“Just downloaded and made my first entry on the go! Thought it looked great, like the idea of recording here in same format as GPhc”.

“I gotta say I’m pleasantly surprised with the app. Easy to use and it’s great being able to complete CPD entries on the go!”

“Getting #revalidationready #simples nice work @rpharms.”

“It’s great and just the kind of thing @rpharms should be providing for members.”

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