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You will enjoy working with a small, focussed team which takes on only a limited number of projects each year. Our efficient modular approach to app building speeds up the process and saves cost. And all apps come with support and maintenance packages. 

How we design apps

The framework is ready: we use a modular design with over 1000’s of templates and our designers will bold it together to your ideas. We already have:

– app structure for IOS and Android

– content management system connected to the app

– analytical and insight tools all set-up

– a suite of modules used to build other apps ready to customise and deploy

Unlike other companies, we start with all the building-blocks in place. 

Customisable designs

Your branding and design take centre stage.

From the home screen icon and splash-screens down to the layouts and fonts, everything the user sees is totally yours.

Page Lizard mobile apps are 100% white-labelled.  There is no compromise on achieving the unique look and feel that you want.

Our specialist UI/UX designers will work with you to ensure you get a great looking app that users simply love. 

Design flexibility

Content is at the heart of all our apps.

Words, pictures, video and animation. Anything which tells a story, delivers an experience or a message.

Content draws users in and keeps them coming back.

But an app is also a tool and it needs a purpose. Tell us what you want to achieve and we will provide you with the functional solutions that users will love. 

Our workshops are a great way to drill down into what will make your app a success.

Insights for progress

Apps are a very personal experience.

You want your customer to have a great impression, so it’s important to get it right.

A well-designed app will deliver deeper levels of engagement and interaction than other media.

Which will provide powerful insights into your audience. An important part of your app build is understanding how we can deliver the greatest insight into your audience to help your business progress.

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